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The Amazing Secrets of Hope GOD Programmed in the Human Body

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The Amazing Secrets of Hope GOD Programmed in the Human Body

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998. At the time of my diagnosis, the only person I had ever known with this disease had died from it, so naturally since I was mostly a drama queen, my first response was that I am going to die. At the time of diagnosis, I had complete double vision and the right side of my body was numb. To drive I had to wear a patch over one of my eyes.

I visited my eye doctor. He performed a thorough examination of my eye. At the end of the inspection, he proved to me that a type of glasses could correct my double vision and a then inquired if I had multiple sclerosis, which I replied, “no I don’t think so”. He suggested we make an appointment for an MRI to check to make sure I did not have this neurological disorder.

I left his office with a ton of fear, navigating the streets looking a bit like Beric Dondarrion in Game of Thrones. I began researching multiple sclerosis and found similarities of physical events in my past such as numbness in my fingers and hearing issues. I had my MRI which showed definitively that my brain had the earmarks of sclerosis (scaring). My research on multiple sclerosis (many scaring) revealed the medical community’s belief that the person’s body (me) attacks itself! What? My own body attacks itself? My immune system thinks the sheath that covers the nerve is an intruder and attacks it!

All the information about my disease was truly intense! I was referred to a Neurologist and prescribed medication (an injection to be given every other day (yuk) and anti-depressant because now that you know you have this disease you will depressed! I did not feel depressed. After a few days I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis described here:

My double vision faded away and the numbness on my right side decreased.

What is relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis?

“In multiple sclerosis (MS), the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord, becomes damaged. MS causes the immune system to attack the myelin, which is the insulation protecting the nerves. The nerves themselves can also be damaged. When myelin or the nerves become damaged, nerves cannot properly pass along their signals. The damaging process forms scar tissue called sclerosis, which gives the disease its name of multiple sclerosis.”

I promptly became convinced that my nervous system which regulates all the direction orders given in my thinking and movement, like a GPS redirected and found its destination. I became certain that my God had such a plan to overcome this chaos. My optic nerve was damaged and a new map of where nerve signals should travel was designed. Part of my body was bad and could not see that the nerve sheath was necessary so attacked it. But the other part of my body had a solution. It just rerouted. It sent the nerve signal a different way and I could see. I could walk. Wow!

I see this in everything now. Whether a tv show about nature or when I watch 48 hours about an evil person who has committed some vile act like rape or murder and is discovered and found through DNA. DNA is each person’s assigned map to distinguish their perfect and unique identifier that is unlike any other human. The odds of any two DNA being genetically identical is 1/ (2^6,400,000), such a small number that it is essentially zero. I am truly astonished by this. It took the world’s scientists a very long time to discover DNA. Currently police can also find criminals through DNA “kinship”.

According to the National District Attorneys Association,

"Familial searching is a technique whereby a crime scene profile is deliberately run through the offender databank in the hopes of getting a list of profiles that are genetically similar to the DNA evidence and using this information as an investigative lead to interview family members of the near matches."

Hope is everywhere! As you become amazed and thankful, you see it everywhere.

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